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The EFTF Young Scientist Award

Dr. Cecilia Clivati
"For outstanding contributions in the developments of optical fibre link technology and related scientific applications.".

Dr. Maxim Goryachev
"For the development of cryogenic Bulk Acoustic Wave technology, and application to precision oscillators, fundamental physics tests and quantum measurements.".

Dr. Tobias Herr
"For seminal contributions to ultra-fast physics and soliton pulse generation in nonlinear optical microresonators.".

Prize sponsored by INRiM.

The Marcel Ecabert Award

Dr. Elisa Felicitas Arias
"For her initiative and leadership in the development and realization of international atomic time.".

Prize sponsored by INRiM.

The European Frequency and Time Award

Dr. Ekkehard Peik
"For seminal contributions to single-ion optical frequency standards and high-precision spectroscopy thereby establishing most stringent limits on possible variations of fundamental constants.".

Prize sponsored by INRiM.